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Work with us


Group therapy sessions for mothers


Creche and play therapy sessions


Minibus collections for programme participants


Home support visits


Prisoners supported through befriending


Volunteers completed restorative practice training 

Quaker Service is a charity in N.Ireland that has been translating Quaker values of peace, equality, truth, and simplicity into action since the 1970s. Our work is a visible demonstration of the values of Quakerism, providing support for people in Northern Ireland going through difficult times.


At Quaker Service, we deliver practical, social, and emotional support services that value and empower people just where they are. We believe that by offering support and resources, we can play our part in reducing violence, suffering, and disadvantage in our community. Whether it's providing services for families or prisoners, our goal is to make a positive impact and contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate society in Northern Ireland.

What is Quaker Service

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The latest updates for Quaker Service stories from participants 

Some of the storeis are 20 years on from the creation of the Good Friday Agreement we ask a group of young adults, women, refugees and asylum seekers from North and West Belfast to tell their stories, detailing their past  and current situations and aspirations for the future.

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About us

Quaker Service current and past projects 

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Our Concern

Justice, fairness, and opportunity are not  experienced equally by everyone in our communities

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Our Purpose

Led by Quaker values, to provide services that give support and effect change in communities

Our Vision

A community in which each individual is valued, their voice heard, and their need addressed

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Our Values

All of the Quaker Service  work is value-led, values which we hold in common with the Quaker community

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